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DAIWA Crest Spinning Reel

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The Daiwa Crest Spinning Reel is a high quality spinning reel featuring ABS II technology to cast a longer distance with the improved spool system.  This is a great spinning reel for any beginner or advanced fisherman looking to get started or add another reel to their collection.  Choose from 4 different reel sizes in the drop down menu.

SIZE : 2000A/ 2500A/ 3000A/ 4000A
WEIGHT: 235g/270g/270g/395g
PE Line Capacity(2000 A /test M): 0.8-230/1-200/1.5-150
PE Line Capacity(2500A /test M): 1-280/1.5-200/2-150
PE Line Capacity(3000 A /test M): 1.2-350/1.5-300/2-250/2.5-200
PE Line Capacity(4000 A /test M): 2.5-300/3-250/4-180

 Notice : 2000A is "I" Type Handle / 2500A 3000A 4000A is "T" Type Handle !!!!!!

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